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Marantau Baliak Ka Alam: A Randai performance produced by Kaum Collective

by Malay Heritage Centre
20 May • 08:30pm • Malay Heritage Centre

This Randai performance will serve as a reminder of our foundational connection and interdependence with nature – to realise what we have taken for granted. The performance shall incorporate dance, music and poetic dialogue with also elements of educational anecdotes to help audiences to understand the story as well as the art of Randai.

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Marantau Baliak Ka Alam: A Randai performance produced by Kaum Collective
Date & Time: Fri, 20 May | 8.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue: Malay Heritage Centre's lawn
Fee: Free with registration

Randai is originally a West Sumatran’s Minangkabau folk theater that incorporates singing, dancing, acting, and silek (traditional martial art) in a story telling format. It is usually performed as a part of ceremonies or festivities and can span over several nights. Randai is usually performed in a circular boundary created by the performers where distance between the audience and performers are not too far, maintaining the level of intimacy between audience and performers.

As part of Nusantara’s cultural promotion, KAUM COLLLECTIVE in collaboration with two established Singaporean artists and teachers, Dr Amin Farid (Soultari) and Norisham Osman are forming up the first group of Randai enthusiasts to perform at Singapore HeritageFest which will take place in May 2022 organized by Malay Heritage Centre.

KAUM collective is cofounded by Ade Rangkoto, Efydayana Aditijawarman, Hasbullah Kamaruizaman formally Exco members of Singapore Minangkabau Association. They share passion in promoting Nusantara’s culture, arts and tradition and decided to form the partnership to reach out to a larger audience for more collaboration. As the first step they are forming a collaboration with Amin Farid and Norisham Osman to create the first Randai group in Singapore. Other future projects they are currently working on would be film and music productions.

Note: This performance will take place at the Malay Heritage Centre's lawn. Audiences are advised to bring their own picnic mats.

About the Dance Choreographers

Dr Amin Farid (Soultari)
Better known by his stage name, Soultari Amin Farid, Dr Noramin Farid was trained in Malay dance with Perkumpulan Seni. He is a choreographer, arts educator and researcher and was the Joint-Artistic Director of Bhumi Collective, a multidisciplinary performing art and producing company.

Amin is a recipient of the ASEAN-India Youth Award (2018), Singapore Youth Award (2017), National Arts Council Scholarship (2017) and Goh Chok Tong Mendaki Youth Promise Award (2016). He holds a PhD in Theatre, Drama and Dance Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.

As an arts practitioner-researcher, his works interrogate the normative notions of class, ethnicity, identity and gender. He believes that young practitioners must become leaders in creating artistic works that are innovative, critical and relevant to their evolving landscape.

Norisham Osman
Norisham Osman is a NAFA Diploma in Arts Management and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Creative Industry Management graduate. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Kaizen M.D., a performing arts collective that gathers young artists from various art disciplines to create multidisciplinary works.

His involvement in Singapore’s arts industry as an accomplished actor, choreographer, teacher and production team member has led to notable achievements. His current research pursuit includes seeking ‘new’ movements and languages as well as choreographic structures and devices whilst maintaining the traditional values and practices of the Malay dance.

Malay Heritage Centre

The Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) showcases the history, culture and contributions of the Malay community within the context of Singapore's history and multi-cultural society. MHC's permanent galleries focus on the history of Kampong Gelam and showcase an interesting collection of artefacts from the National Collection and the Malay community.

Through its exhibitions and programmes, the centre aspires to be a vibrant destination of historical and cultural significance for both Singaporeans and international visitors.

The Malay Heritage Centre is under the management of the National Heritage Board in partnership with the Malay Heritage Foundation.

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