InKUEHdible Workshop

by National Museum of Singapore
15 May • 03:00pm • The Salon @ the National Museum of Singapore

Let us celebrate Singapore’s love of kuehs! In this workshop, learn how to prepare pureed ang ku kueh that are soft enough to melt in your mouth!

InKUEHdible Workshop

While kueh holds an irreplaceable role in Singapore’s food heritage, the food texture of certain types of kueh may not be suitable for all, particularly the elderly and dysphagic patients.


In this special workshop by GentleFoods, find out more about the history of kueh and the importance of food textures for those who have swallowing difficulties. Participants will also learn how to prepare pureed ang ku kueh during the 1.5-hour workshop. This programme will be concurrently livestream on National Museum of Singapore's Facebook Page.


Price : $12/pax

*each ticket will entitle each participant a set of moulds and ingredients to recreate their own kueh at home.


About GentleFoods

Local company GentleFoods specialises in creating moulded puréed food that is familiar, safe and nutritious that helps in stimulating the appetite with the way it looks, tastes and smells, bringing the joy of food back into the lives of people with swallowing difficulties. The nurturance, thoughtfulness and committed culture at GentleFoods aims to bring back the positive and joyous relationship with food.


About Singapore HeritageFest at the National Museum

In conjunction with this year’s Singapore HeritageFest (SHF), the National Museum will be presenting a series of programmes on unique workshops featuring local food favourites and explore medical stories of individuals who were impacted during the pandemic. Viewers can look forward to workshops on the innovative recreation of Singapore’s favourite foods and hear experiences of individuals who were in the heart of the Covid pandemic.

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore (NMS) is the nation's oldest museum. Inside its 19th-century colonial exterior, the museum uses cutting-edge technology to present the nation’s legacy and development with its galleries highlighting fresh perspectives of the Singapore story. As a cultural and architectural landmark in Singapore, NMS also hosts innovative activities and events all year round.

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