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Home Museum: Collections of Travel and Natural Heritage

by Singapore HeritageFest

Home garden in a HDB. Singapore Airlines collectibles. Art of preserving an animal's body. Three local collectors will be showcasing highlights from their "home museum" in this special interview series.

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Home Museum: Collections of Travel and Natural Heritage
If your home was a museum, what would you collect, archive and display? Join our three collectors as they share about their collections that are centred around Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) 2022’s theme of travel and natural heritage. From Singapore Airlines memorabilia to animals taxidermy – what inspired them to do so?

Do you have your own collection of items? Share it with us and tag us on our socials @sgheritagefest - we love seeing new contributions! 

About Jason Ang's Collection
An avid fan of our national carrier, Jason has more than 100 Singapore Airlines memorabilia in his collection – this includes a series of limited edition items such as a harmonica and in-flight menus amongst many others. Hear more about what sparked his passion in collecting and learn more about these items.

About Vivian Tham’s Collection

Passionate about both animals and art, Vivian decided to combine both her passions into the art of taxidermy – the practice of preserving dead wildlife. In this episode, we visit her home to find out more about her collection and the inspiration behind her practice helming Singapore’s first and only commercial taxidermy studio.

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About Ethan Lim's Collection

From a young age, Ethan has been fascinated by nature and plants, over the years that grew into a passion from watching plants grow and eventually into gardening. A doctor by profession – Ethan finds purpose in caring for human patients and nurturing his plants at home and find many similarities in both pursuits. In this episode, we visit his garden-in-a-home and find out more about what inspires his collection and tips on how to kickstart your very own garden!

Singapore HeritageFest

The Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) is the National Heritage Board’s signature annual outreach event that celebrates the many facets of Singapore’s diverse heritage and culture. SHF works with individuals, groups and communities to co-create programmes and offerings. This allows the festival to uncover lesser-known stories and narratives, engender a greater sense of ownership, and empower Singaporeans to safeguard and promote our shared heritage. The inaugural edition of SHF was staged in 2004, and since then, the festival has continued to provide on-site and online experiences with yearly themes that focus on different aspects of Singapore’s heritage.

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