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by Singapore HeritageFest

Vintage food moulds spanning the globe. Cooking utensils used by nyonyas. A collection of Southeast Asian blades such as the keris (an asymmetrical dagger). Three local collectors will be showcasing highlights from their "home museums" in this special interview series.

If your home was a museum, what would you collect, archive and display? Some might choose to showcase their stamp collection; others might opt to exhibit their stuffed animals. Join three heritage collectors and researchers in a private sharing session centred on their love for collecting traditional food moulds, cooking utensils and blades.

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About Jasmine Adams’ Collection
Ms Adams owns more than 300 hand-carved moulds used by cooks of yesteryear to produce baked goods such as holy bread and traditional snacks such as ang ku kueh (red turtle cake). Apart from sharing highlights from her collection, she will also share why and how she started acquiring moulds.


About Ong Jin Teong’s Collection
Exposed to cooking from a young age, Dr Ong developed a flair and passion for culinary arts from his mother. Along the way, he began collecting traditional kitchen utensils and tools. For SHF2021, Dr Ong will share about his mother’s influence in the kitchen and the item he treasures most in his repository.


About Jamal Mohamad’s Collection
Mr Jamal, who owns a growing “arsenal” of Southeast Asian blades, finds collecting therapeutic. As part of SHF2021, he will share with you lesser-known facts about the traditional blades in his treasure trove.


Singapore HeritageFest

The Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) is the National Heritage Board’s signature annual outreach event that celebrates the many facets of Singapore’s diverse heritage and culture. SHF works with individuals, groups and communities to co-create programmes and offerings. This allows the festival to uncover lesser-known stories and narratives, engender a greater sense of ownership, and empower Singaporeans to safeguard and promote our shared heritage. The inaugural edition of SHF was staged in 2004, and since then, the festival has continued to provide on-site and online experiences with yearly themes that focus on different aspects of Singapore’s heritage.

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