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[Cancelled] From Candy to Singapore's Leading Food Startup Innovation Hub

by Indie Singapore Tours
22 May • 09:00am

Go behind the scenes of Singapore's only sugar manufacturer and find out how this traditional company retained their heritage while evolving to become one of our leading food start-up incubators.

Cheng Sugar

Due to tightened safe management measures, this programme has been cancelled. We will be in touch with participants who had signed up, to arrange for full refunds.

Founded in 1947, Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory started at Upper Serangoon Road and was making Hawthorne and preserved candies. It then went to making rock sugar, red jaggery sugar, black jaggery sugar which it still does today. Today it helmed by the 3rd generation and is Singapore's oldest and only rock sugar manufacturer and leading food start-up incubator. The company has evolved over the decades to make proud Singapore's heritage of moving forward and changing with the times. Learn how Singapore's sugar maker is changing the way we look at sugar, and how it is helping Singapore build a resilient food source, in the name of sustainability and food security.

 In this tour, you will get to learn more about the process of making rock sugar at Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory, as well as visit 2 of the food tech start-ups housed in the same building: Shiok Meats and Kombynation Co.

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