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Food Fables: Kuih Yang Mana Satu?

by Language Division

What kinds of kueh can you purchase from Geylang Serai? Meet author Idayu Hussain for a storytelling session of her book Kuih Yang Mana Satu (Which Kueh?) as she explores the delightful confections on offer at Singapore’s main Ramadan bazaar

Food Fables

Supported by the Malay Language Council, this video, meant for children aged 3 to 7 years old, was produced in conjunction with SHF2021.


Introduce your children to sweet Malay culinary delights in this storytelling session of Idayu Hussain’s book Kuih Yang Mana Satu (Which Kueh is this?). The story features a pair of siblings as they explore Geylang Serai and learn about the various kuehs on offer such as putri salat (pressed sticky rice with an accompanying layer of pandan-flavoured coconut egg custard).

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