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Food and Therapy: Self-care Culture - A Touch of Clemency

by Very Special Arts Singapore, VSA(S)

This calming workshop encourages you to explore the nooks and crannies of your home for materials to recreate toys of yesteryear. Walk down memory lane with Dr Dawn-joy Leong as she guides you through this soothing soundscaping and crafting workshop.

A Touch of Clemency Dawn

Dr Dawn-joy Leong is, among other things, a multidisciplinary artist. Join her as she conducts a session where you will be encouraged to use everyday materials within your home to make a toy from yesteryear and engage in tactile experiences with your pet (or even a soft toy!). The goal? To stimulate mental well-being through sensory art inspired by the nation’s rich heritage.


In this therapeutic session, Dawn uses Clement Space, a term which she coined in her PhD. Eloquently put by the artist "Modern busy city life is stressful, especially for Autistic people, who experience everything more intensely - lights, sounds, movements, smells etc - and struggle constantly with anxiety. Clement Space is a mental and physical space that forgives and gracefully heals. It is a calming and tranquil, nourishing and healing sensory oasis which can be personalised and yet shared. Encompassing all aspects of healing and more, Clement Space is a perpetual state of being renewed, inhaling and exhaling, embracing and letting go, being forgiven and forgiving - a gift from the autistic realm, sharing sensory restoration with everyone for when our senses are restored, we are empowered to be". 


This video has been made fully accessible for sensory-sensitive, visually impaired and d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.


Download our activity booklet here and join Dawn in her Clement Space as she takes you on a re-energising journey through her perspective.


You may also download A Visually Impaired Friendly Version: A Touch of Clemency (Word Document). 


Very Special Arts Singapore, VSA(S)

Very Special Arts Singapore - VSA(S) was first established by Professor Tommy Koh in 1993. The mission of VSA(S) is to help nurture and develop the creative talent of persons with disabilities to empower them through the arts. VSA(S) provides a platform for artists who are neurodiverse, d/Deaf and disabled, to rise up to creative aspirations and artistic works through the visual, performing and literary arts.

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