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Food and Community: Self-care Culture - A Touch of Warmth

by Very Special Arts Singapore, VSA(S)

Cooking at home tends to be a rather personal affair but Claire Teo, a visually-impaired thespian, is inviting you into her kitchen for a one-of-a-kind multisensory cooking experience . In this pre-recorded video, Claire will use her sense of smell and touch to shop at a wet market before returning home to prepare dishes close to her heart.

A Touch of Warmth

Join visually-impaired thespian Claire Teo as she optimises the use of her senses to put together a heartwarming meal.

See how she embraces her keen sense of smell and touch to create new recipes; and pay special attention to her song choices which she tends to select based on the type of food she is preparing. For instance, whenever she makes a family recipe, she is often overwhelmed by a sense of love and nostalgia and tends to put on the Mandarin ditty 甜蜜蜜 (Sweet, Honey, Honey).

This video has been made fully accessible for sensory-sensitive, visually impaired and d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

Download our activity booklet here to try Claire's family recipe of Pen Cai (Cantonese: Poon Choi). What is your favourite family recipe? Share and tag us on our socials @sgheritagefest

You may also download A Visually Impaired Friendly Version: A Touch of Warmth (Word Document)


Very Special Arts Singapore, VSA(S)

Very Special Arts Singapore - VSA(S) was first established by Professor Tommy Koh in 1993. The mission of VSA(S) is to help nurture and develop the creative talent of persons with disabilities to empower them through the arts. VSA(S) provides a platform for artists who are neurodiverse, d/Deaf and disabled, to rise up to creative aspirations and artistic works through the visual, performing and literary arts.

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