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Fermentation in Local Food Heritage

by Starter Culture
9, 23 May • 03:00pm • Mandai Foodlink

Read on to learn how to make your own tempeh! Explore the science of fermentation through a recipe card by local start-up Starter Culture.

Fermentation in Local Food Heritage

Due to tightened safe management measures, the workshop has been cancelled. We will be in touch with participants who had signed up, to arrange for full refunds.

Fermented foods such as soya sauce, fish sauce, tempeh (fermented soya bean cake) and tempoyak (a Malay condiment comprising fermented durian) add complexity to local cuisine and have been integral in the elevation of meals across Southeast Asia. There is a variety of fermented food recipes, but in Starter Culture's recipe card, you will learn how to ferment your own tempeh from scratch! Tempeh is a plant-based protein source with a rich nutty flavour and there are countless ways of preparing it-- from baking the tempeh to crumbling it up to mimic ground meat.

Watch this step-by-step video by the Starter Culture to guide you through on how to ferment your own tempeh from scratch! Download the recipe card here to find out what you need to prepare to kickstart your fermentation journey. Share with us your creations and tag us on our socials @sgheritagefest!


Starter Culture

Starter Culture is a food biotechnology start-up creating novel fermented food products.

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