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by Gardens by the Bay

Explore the Gardens with the itineraries around some of our popular spots. Go on a journey of discovery and fun around the Gardens.

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Explore the Gardens with the itineraries around some of our popular spots. Go on a journey of discovery and fun around the Gardens.

Itinerary #1 – Art Appreciation
Apart from the flora and fauna, Gardens by the Bay is also home to more than 40 sculptures by artists from around the world. Embark on a journey through the gardens to discover these unique art pieces and the beautiful landscapes they reside in.

Itinerary #2 – Best of both worlds
A trail featuring popular Gardens both indoors & outdoors, including our spectacular cooled Conservatories and the iconic Supertrees. Start off at the Cloud Forest and explore diverse vegetation and plant life from the tropical highlands at the 35metre-tall man-made mountain. Discover exotic plants from the dry Mediterranean climate at the Flower Dome. There's also more to see outside where each area is a step into a different landscape.

Itinerary #3 – Top photo spots at the Gardens
The Gardens capture the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City. Not only is it home to over 1.5 million plants from around the world, but also some of the most beautiful sceneries and photo spots. If you are a photography lover, here are some of the best locations to check out!

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Gardens by the Bay

Whether it’s the changing floral displays in the Flower Dome, the exotic plants on the 35-m tall mountain in the Cloud Forest, or the awe-inspiring Supertrees, Gardens by the Bay has something that will appeal to everyone. Since opening in 2012, Gardens by the Bay has welcomed more than 80 million visitors.

The award-winning Gardens by the Bay is a first-of-its-kind tropical garden that pushes the boundaries of how plant life can be presented in an urban environment for public enjoyment.

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Blast To The Past

21 - 22 May • 09:00am

Located on a hill, at the intersection of nature and urban living, City Sprouts invites you to reignite the kampong spirit with your family and friends.

Look Up: Guided tour by Marie-Pierre Mol, curator of the exhibition

28 - 29 May • 11:00am • EHL Campus, Singapore

28 - 29 May • 01:00pm • EHL Campus, Singapore

Visit the beautiful art deco building hosting EHL Campus, learn about the history of this place and discover Look Up an art exhibition encompassing artworks which question our connection to nature.

Rentak Warisan with Sri Mahligai: Hari Raya 2022 Special Edition

17 May • 08:00pm • Malay Heritage Centre