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Do Trees Grow On Money?

by River Valley High School

Do trees grow on money? Well, in fact, they do! Join students from River Valley High School in reading this e-book to find out more about our natural heritage in our currency!

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Do trees grow on money? is a project by five secondary four students from River Valley High School to raise awareness about our natural heritage via looking at various flora on our local currency.

Our story follows Candice, a curious 10 year old girl who lives in 2040 where Singapore’s currency is a rare sight! When her teacher tasks her with finding out more about Singapore’s currency, Candice knows just the person to find for help - Ah Gong. However, to their horror, trouble soon comes when they find that the precious 100 dollar note was missing and they get whisked into the past to find the missing note! The duo then travels through Ah Gong’s memories, accompanied by the magical Chinese money god!

Curious to find out more about how Candice solves this crisis about Singapore’s currency? Check out our e-book and remember to take part in our book activities here!

River Valley High School

Founded in 1956, River Valley High School (RVHS) is a forward-looking educational institution steeped in history and eastern culture. Since it was founded more than 55 years ago, RVHS has nurtured many generations of Singaporeans and has garnered many awards and accolades.

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