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[Cancelled] Conservation Consultation with Heritage Conservation Centre Conservators

by Heritage Conservation Centre

Come meet the staff of Heritage Conservation Centre as they guide you through various tips to care for your own treasures! Book a conservation consultation for a face-to-face session with our conservators about your treasured pieces.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this physical programme has been cancelled. We will be in touch with participants who had signed up, to arrange for alternatives.

Consultation with Heritage Conservation Centre Conservators

Hoping to get your multigenerational timepiece ticking again? Book a slot with our conservators this SHF! They will be on hand to dispense tips on caring for your heirlooms and prized treasures! Toiling over the artefacts in our National Collection and keeping them in tip-top shape is very much a labour of love. Conservators conduct their work with surgical precision and need to be patient and delicate. 

If you own a personal artefact which needs some #TLC, they are best placed to help. Drop by for a consultation with them this SHF. They are on standby to impart some of their know-how and offer tips on how to care for your own treasures. Sharing knowledge of heritage care and conservation is part of the Heritage Conservation Centre’s ambit after all.    

All you have to do is submit information about your antique, painting or family heirloom which you’re thinking of conserving by 6 May 2023 to book a free 30-minute consultation with our specialists! 

Heritage Conservation Centre

The Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) is the repository and conservation facility for the management and preservation of Singapore’s National Collection. HCC supports the exhibitions and collections of all 8 NHB museums as well as National Gallery Singapore & Singapore Art Museum.

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