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Bridge Between Time - A Volunteer Led Tour

by Cheng Jia-Lu Scarlett
14, 29 May • 04:00pm

Join the volunteer led tour to learn more about Singapore's most iconic performing art centres and discover the history behind the two national monuments found in the area.


Bridge Between Time - A Volunteer Led tour
Dates & Time: 
Sat, 14 May | 4pm to 5pm
Sun, 29 May | 4pm to 5pm

Meeting Point: Entrance of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
Ending Point: Along Queen Elizabeth Walk
Fee: Free with registration

Take a walk through 140 years of Arts and architecture. As we bridge between time, learn more about some of Singapore’s most iconic performing art centres, their impact on the local arts scene and how they attracted international acclaim. Additionally, discover the history behind two other National monuments within the area that aided in making Singapore a bustling hub for international trade.

Join our volunteer on a journey to explore iconic places like the Cavanagh Bridge, Anderson Bridge and Esplanade.

Cheng Jia-Lu Scarlett
Jack of all trades, master of none. A first-timer at guiding but no stranger to public speaking, Scarlett jumped at the opportunity to learn more about Singapore’s heritage in order to share it with others. Light-hearted and enthusiastic, her flair for speaking is almost as flowery as her sense of dressing. Interested in anything from the Sciences to the Arts, she’s equally eager to learn as she is to teach.

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