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[Cancelled] Nusantara Community Booths

Discover the sights, sounds and flavours of the Baweanese, Minangkabau, Javanese, Bugis and Banjarese people.

Our Roots and Foods: Singapore’s Centuries-Old Toisan Heritage

Join Wong Ah Fook’s great-granddaughter Mrs Vivienne Tan as she reconnects with her roots by learning how to cook localised Toisan dishes from Mdm Chin Lai Yin, honorary chairperson of Singapore’s oldest locality clan association Ning Yeung Wui Kuan.

[Cancelled] Permanent Gallery Guided Tour with Herbal Tea Tasting

Want to know more about Dr. Sun Yat Sen's revolutionary activities in Southeast Asia? Come and join our guided trail! You will also get to experience a refreshing herbal tea tasting session to end off your trail.

Quiz Night: In Sickness and In Health

Know your ginseng from your ginger, and your turmeric from your tamarind?
In this fun quiz night, put your knowledge of traditional healing practices to the test, and stand to win attractive prizes!

Sauce Appreciation Workshop @ Nanyang Sauce Brewery

Can you taste the difference between sun-fermented and chemically-produced soya sauce? Put your palate to the test at artisan brewery Nanyang Sauce!

TCM-inspired Floral Installation: The Swings of Florals and Herbs

Enjoy a whimsical floral installation that seeks to celebrate the relationship between nature and Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Traditional Javanese Pre & Post Natal Care

Find out what traditional Javanese pre- and post-natal care entail and how you too can benefit from this age-old knowledge.

Uncle Tan's Herb Garden: The Art of Herbal Remedies (狮城草药学艺)

Away from the city lies a hidden gem of Singapore’s herb heritage: Uncle Tan’s Herb Garden. With the help of a dedicated team, Uncle Tan turned a plot of barren land into a lush field of local herbs that strives to preserve our precious herb heritage.

We Are How We Eat: A Discussion on Food, Sustainability and History

Hands up if you are a foodie! As a nation we go through a lot of food each day. This online panel will examine our relationship with food as a resource-scarce island nation tackling challenges like climate change.

[Cancelled] When Cooking Was a Crime Dialogue

Locked in a cell and craving laksa and bubur cha cha, inmates of 1970s and 1980s Singapore got creative. Join us as we uncover some of their secret prison recipes!