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My Life Journey

22 May • 10:00am • Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre

Retiree Mr Ninar Pillai Ibrahim, who is his eighties, will be sharing his life journey and how he settled in Singapore from Thucklay in Tamil Nadu.

Natural Heritage: A Mutually Shaping Dynamic?

A collection of 12 essays on Nature, our Natural heritage and exploring the mutually shaping we have with nature and our natural heritage. The essays are all drawn from The Birthday Book main collection.

Nature Stories

21 - 22 May • 10:00am • City Sprouts

21 - 22 May • 11:15am • City Sprouts

‘Nature Stories’ takes families and children on an exploratory mini urban trail of Redhill to discover endemic flora and fauna through the art of storytelling.

Northeast Hinterland Thoughts about Land Custodianship in Singapore

Northeast Hinterland is a series of nocturnes in Punggol, when sleep and sight are paradoxical, when the land’s histories, mythologies and legacies play hide-and-seek with the past, present and future of its custodianship. “Hinterland”, from the German word hinter, refers to a remote area beyond metropolitan, cultural centres, beyond the visible or known.

Photo Trail: Travel around the world with Xiao Qing

2 May • 10:00am • Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

Embark on a self-guided photo trail to trace the footsteps of Dr. Sun Yat Sen who travelled to many parts of the world.

Ride & Discover

Ride and discover the rich history of Singapore’s travel & tourism, and natural heritage in our everyday commute.

Heritage Hunt @ Bugis

7, 14, 21, 28 May • 09:30am • Bugis Street

7, 14, 21, 28 May • 11:00am • Bugis Street

Embark on a scavenger hunt heritage tour of the Bugis precinct with your family and friends! Through pictorial clues, riddles and puzzles, join us on a fun-filled journey to discover the rich heritage of the Bugis Precinct.

“The Capitol of Singapore” Film Premiere & Screening

6 May • 07:00pm • Capitol Theatre

7 May • 05:00pm • Capitol Theatre

Directed by French filmmaker Raphaël Millet, “The Capitol of Singapore” documentary chronicles Capitol Theatre’s legacy since its founding in 1930 and its role in Singapore’s cultural, architectural and cinematic history.

The Sights & Sounds of Dragon World

Dongnan Zheng (Dayneson), a former sound technician at the 1990s Haw Par Villa Dragon World theme park, ignited our interest and imagination and gave us a window into a long-gone world held together by an ensemble of dancers, actors, painters, and other crew members, through his soundscape of memories.

Through Nature: A BBB Edition

The Through Nature Mini-Documentary takes its viewers on a journey through the beating heart of Singapore's Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct. With vibrant, striking visuals accompanied by informational storytelling, the video serves to educate its viewers on both the BBB of today and its origins.