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Scene and Heard: Singapore General Hospital

From its humble beginnings as a wooden shed, Singapore’s oldest medical institution has played witness to various triumphs of life over death. Join spoken word performer Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips as she walks you through the pages of the historic institution’s journey thus far.

TCM-inspired Floral Installation: The Swings of Florals and Herbs

3 - 30 May • 10:00am

Enjoy a whimsical floral installation that seeks to celebrate the relationship between nature and Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Yok Tua: TCM Slips In Peranakan families

Yok Tua are family prescriptions for common ailments such as flatulence, fever and cough. This is an excerpt of Baba Tan Kuning’s recollection on how they were kept, used and passed down in Peranakan families. The full essay can be found in the April issue of Peranakan Magazine.

[Cancelled] Discovering Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets: Tour of Tanglin Village

22, 29 May • 09:00am • Tanglin

22, 29 May • 11:00am • Tanglin

What’s Dempsey Hill’s backstory? The retail and lifestyle enclave is housed within Tanglin Barracks, a former military camp dating back to the 1860s. This tour will take you through two of its colonial-era landmarks – the grounds of the former Tanglin Military Hospital and the red-bricked St. George’s Church.

From Darkness to Light: Cyanotype Printing

29 May • 10:00am

How did architects of yesteryear create blueprints? Check out Objectifs’ workshop where you will get to produce a cyanotype – one of the oldest forms of printmaking – using natural materials like leaves and flowers. You will also be taken on a tour of the National Library's Human x Nature: Environmental Histories of Singapore exhibition.

[Cancelled] Guided Tours: Culinary Trail

7, 14 May • 01:00pm • Asian Civilisation Museum

8 - 9, 15 - 16 May • 02:00pm • Asian Civilisation Museum

Learn fascinating facts about culinary objects across time in the ACM galleries in this one-hour tour led by our volunteer guides.

[Cancelled] Healing Garden @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

22 - 23, 29 - 30 May • 09:00am • Singapore Botanic Garden

In need of a tranquil retreat?

Immerse yourself in a therapeutic horticulture experience in this tour of the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Healing Garden and discover for yourself how plants can enhance your quality of life.

[Cancelled] Food Stamp Carving Workshop

8, 15, 22 May • 11:00am • Bras Basah Complex

Put your stamp on it! Rubber stamp designer Rachel Ma, who has been commissioned by the likes of French fashion house Chanel, will teach you how to sculpt your own stamps in this carving workshop centred on the theme of food!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Lavender Wax Sachet

22 May • 10:30am

22 May • 11:30am

22 May • 12:30pm

Feeling stressed? Take this time to attend this aromatherapy workshop where you get to create your own Lavender Wax Sachet!