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TCM-inspired Floral Installation: The Swings of Florals and Herbs

3 - 30 May • 10:00am

Enjoy a whimsical floral installation that seeks to celebrate the relationship between nature and Traditional Chinese Medicine!

The Hungry City: Singapore's Food History

27 - 28 May • 10:00am • Yale-NUS [Virtual only]

How did colonial-era slaughterhouses, Cold War kitchens, and local kopitiams shape Singapore's food history? In what ways was food a medicine and for whom? Why was the sea so central to feeding our island's culinary cosmopolitanism? Join scholars, students, and practitioners as they dive deep into Singapore's edible past, sharing stories about the history of our hungry city through this first of its kind workshop.

Scents, Senses and Sensibilities - A Javanese Approach to Wellness

30 May • 04:30pm

Learn about the common types of jamu and how you can prepare them at home.

Traditional Culinary Icons and Healthy Food

29 May • 04:30pm

Learn about the humble Nasi Padang and the dishes that make it up.

Introduction to Pre/Post Natal Care

30 May • 02:00pm

Find out what traditional Javanese pre- and post-natal care entail and how you too can benefit from this age-old knowledge.

Uncle Tan's Herb Garden: The Art of Herbal Remedies (狮城草药学艺)

Away from the city lies a hidden gem of Singapore’s herb heritage: Uncle Tan’s Herb Garden. With the help of a dedicated team, Uncle Tan turned a plot of barren land into a lush field of local herbs that strives to preserve our precious herb heritage.

We Are How We Eat: A Discussion on Food, Sustainability and History

8 May • 10:30am

Hands up if you are a foodie! As a nation we go through a lot of food each day. This online panel will examine our relationship with food as a resource-scarce island nation tackling challenges like climate change.

Yok Tua: TCM Slips In Peranakan families

Yok Tua are family prescriptions for common ailments such as flatulence, fever and cough. This is an excerpt of Baba Tan Kuning’s recollection on how they were kept, used and passed down in Peranakan families. The full essay can be found in the April issue of Peranakan Magazine.

[Cancelled] Discovering Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets: Tour of Tanglin Village

22, 29 May • 09:00am • Tanglin

22, 29 May • 11:00am • Tanglin

What’s Dempsey Hill’s backstory? The retail and lifestyle enclave is housed within Tanglin Barracks, a former military camp dating back to the 1860s. This tour will take you through two of its colonial-era landmarks – the grounds of the former Tanglin Military Hospital and the red-bricked St. George’s Church.

[Cancelled] Healing Garden @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

22 - 23, 29 - 30 May • 09:00am • Singapore Botanic Garden

In need of a tranquil retreat?

Immerse yourself in a therapeutic horticulture experience in this tour of the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Healing Garden and discover for yourself how plants can enhance your quality of life.