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Scene and Heard: National Campaign Rap

Tune in for a rap centred on Singapore’s colourful yesteryear health promotion campaigns, in what promises to be a riveting performance by artists Marc Nair and Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips.

Scene and Heard: Singapore General Hospital

From its humble beginnings as a wooden shed, Singapore’s oldest medical institution has played witness to various triumphs of life over death. Join spoken word performer Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips as she walks you through the pages of the historic institution’s journey thus far.

Scenes from Tekka: Indian Muslim Hawkers Hard at Work

Indian Muslim hawker stalls are commonplace in Singapore. Their innovative dishes are a staple, but what does it take to produce consistent and quality food day in and day out under sweltry conditions? At Tekka Centre, which has the record highest number of Indian Muslims stalls under one roof, the guardians of Indian Muslim food heritage share their daily experiences.

[Cancelled] This Is What We Eat At Home - An Interactive Tour

22 - 23, 29 - 30 May • 10:00am • Boon Lay

What keeps our youth busy these days? Take a deep dive into the lives of six young Boon Lay residents from culturally diverse backgrounds in this experiential tour of their neighbourhood and guided tour of a void deck exhibition which they helped develop!

Uncle Tan's Herb Garden: The Art of Herbal Remedies (狮城草药学艺)

Away from the city lies a hidden gem of Singapore’s herb heritage: Uncle Tan’s Herb Garden. With the help of a dedicated team, Uncle Tan turned a plot of barren land into a lush field of local herbs that strives to preserve our precious herb heritage.

When Cooking Was a Crime: Masak in the Singapore Prisons, 1970s-80s

Cooking in prison cells was illegal in Singapore, but that did not stop inmates from inventing ways to do so. This photo-essay offers a glimpse into the flavours of prison life during the 1970s and 1980s based on the memories of former inmates.

[Cancelled] A Walk through Little Hainan

9, 15 May • 11:00am • Bugis/Bras Basah precinct

Apart from chicken rice, can you name another dish created by Hainanese settlers? Find out more about the Chinese dialect group’s contributions to the nation’s palate in this tour of the former “Little Hainan” in the Bugis area.

[Cancelled] Balestier Trail (Healthcare Edition)

23 May • 10:00am

23 May • 10:30am

How is Balestier significant to our healthcare history? Come and join this walking trail as it brings you through the rich history and lesser-known stories of the Balestier Precinct!

[Cancelled] Balestier Trail (Street Corner Heritage Galleries Edition)

22 May • 10:00am

22 May • 10:30am

As you join our best-selling Balestier Heritage Trail, keep your eyes and ears peeled as we uncover the rich history of this district!

[Cancelled] Blast from the Past: A Nature Walk in Thomson Nature Park

Home to a former village, Thomson Nature Park is replete with herbs and edible wild plants which kampung residents of yesteryear used to fold into their cooking. Nature guides from BES Drongos will walk you through the grounds of the defunct village and point out ways in which its occupants used to embrace nature.