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Iconic Trees in Singapore’s Civic District

Singapore is one of the world’s greenest cities today and there is no better place to start appreciating the beauty of our City in Nature than in our historic Civic District. Standing alongside distinctive and well-loved conserved buildings housing memories from yesterday are majestic trees that witnessed our city’s progress. All the iconic trees have their very own stories to tell. Learn more about their significance in Singapore’s precious past and our greening journey together.

Look Up: Guided tour by Marie-Pierre Mol, curator of the exhibition

28 - 29 May • 11:00am • EHL Campus, Singapore

28 - 29 May • 01:00pm • EHL Campus, Singapore

Visit the beautiful art deco building hosting EHL Campus, learn about the history of this place and discover Look Up an art exhibition encompassing artworks which question our connection to nature.

Not Your Grandfather’s Road: A Virtual Tour of Singapore’s Streets Named After Trees

27 May • 07:30pm

In this virtual tour, Dr Shawn Lum introduces participants to the interesting origins of some of Singapore’s street names and their link to trees!

Stories of Our Natural Heritage: Articles & Resources by National Library Board

Explore our rich natural heritage via resources provided by the National Library Board.

Stories of Travel & Tourism: Articles & Resources by National Library Board

Explore our rich travel and tourism heritage via resources provided by the National Library Board.

The Old Admiralty House: Coexistence Of Sembawang’s Built Environment With Its Natural Landscape

As a historical monument residing up in Admiral hill, the structures of old Admiralty house is surrounded by luscious vegetation. The essay will explore the role of the old Admiralty house in not just preserving Sembawang’s heritage, but also in illustrating the relationship between built environment and the natural landscape.

Through Nature: A Bras Basah.Bugis Edition

This visual diary takes its readers on an adventure Through Nature around the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct. Join NAFA Arts Management students on a walkthrough as they document their observations and research of the many natural elements waiting to be discovered at Fort Canning, Raffles’ Garden, and Artisan’s Garden. Focusing on the topics of plants and archaeology in Natural Heritage, this essay will present a holistic overview of the prominent presence of natural heritage in the precinct’s history.

Time Flies at Jurong Bird Park

Singapore's pioneering wildlife park has soared across half a century! In this time, Jurong Bird Park became Asia's largest bird park, connecting millions of people to the colourful and fascinating avian world. It actively participated in protecting avian species over the decades, and today contributes as a global conservation leader.

Where Heritage Meets Art Meets Flora and Fauna - A Volunteer Led Tour

14 - 15 May • 04:00pm • Civic District

14 - 15 May • 05:30pm • Civic District

Join the volunteer-led tour in the civic district area to learn about historical significance, art development, and flora and fauna of several landmarks/ monuments in the area.

A Virtual Journey to Christmas Island

1,330 kilometres southwest of Singapore in the Indian Ocean lies Christmas Island, a quaint little island with historic ties to Singapore. Join the researchers at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in a delightful virtual journey exploring the biodiversity at the island!