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Our Food Culture and Healthcare Practices

[Cancelled] Workshop: Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

23 May • 02:00pm

23 May • 03:00pm

23 May • 04:00pm

Learn how to create your own personalised Aloe Vera hand sanitisiter in this workshop and bring it home to protect your loved ones!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Hand-printed Scented Herb Health Card

22 May • 02:00pm

22 May • 03:30pm

Card with scented prints on it? Join us in this workshop to learn cool printing techniques and create your very own collection on scented prints!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Lavender Wax Sachet

22 May • 10:30am

22 May • 11:30am

22 May • 12:30pm

Feeling stressed? Take this time to attend this aromatherapy workshop where you get to create your own Lavender Wax Sachet!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Stitch Your Own TCM Handbook

23 May • 10:30am

23 May • 11:30am

Ever wonder how books are binded? Join us in this workshop to assemble your own TCM Handbook!