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Artist Panel: In Sickness and In Health

by Plural Art Mag
23 May • 11:00am

In this panel, contemporary artists Adeline Kueh, Divaagar and ila will share the concepts and processes involved in developing their newly commissioned digital artworks for Living Legacies: In Sickness and In Health.

Living Legacies

The programme was conducted on Saturday, 23 May, 11am. You may enjoy the programme’s recording below.


In this panel discussion, contemporary artists Adeline Kueh, Divaagar and la will share the processes behind their newly commissioned digital artworks for Living Legacies: In Sickness and In Health, and their personal experiences with traditional healing practices.


This programme is part of Living Legacies: In Sickness and In Health, a digital programme for the Singapore HeritageFest 2021 brought to you by the National Heritage Board and co-organised with Plural Art Mag. You may also check out the Living Legacies website here.



Plural Art Mag

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